Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Digital Marketing Remix Announces the Winners of the Inaugural Remixer B2B Display Advertising Awards

Digital Marketing Remix, a news and community website produced by Bizo that keeps B2B marketers up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing, today announced the winners of the inaugural Remixer B2B Display Advertising Awards. The awards recognize the best examples of B2B online display advertising creative in two categories: traditional static advertising and rich media advertising...[read more]

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Will 2014 bring free, ad-supported phones and data?

How would you like a free mobile phone with free calls, texts and data thrown in for good measure? In exchange, would you be willing to put up with advertising? In a recent AdExchanger column, Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, said it's only a matter of time before someone develops and offers a "completely advertising-and content-supported phone." And that time, he believes, is coming soon -- as early as the end of next year...[read more]

Recognizing The Business Value Of Great Storytelling

There has been an enormous shift in how we value content today versus 20 years ago. (Admittedly, even the arrival of this column and the opportunity to write for it has the former English major in me rejoicing.) To what do we owe this increased focus and appreciation for content, and how can we continue to sustain its value within organizations? Here are a few thoughts...[read more]

Why We’ll See The First Ad-Supported Phone In 2014

Smartphones are dominating the mobile market. With 1.4 billion predicted to be in consumer hands by the end of 2013, the most valuable digital real estate in the world is no longer the homepage of an online search engine like, but the home screen of a smartphone. However, no one has figured out a way to monetize it yet. It’s only a matter of time before someone will make a play for this real estate and develop the first completely advertising- and content-supported phone...[read more]

Four Key Ingredients To A Winning 2014 Marketing Plan

'Tis the season when all modern marketers gather their data, rally their teams, push their CEOs and CFOs to lock down on budgets, and set about developing a marketing plan that will bring success in 2014. Yet not all marketing plans are created equal -- nor are the processes to go about developing these plans. Here are four planning ingredients that will set your marketing program up for success in 2014...[read more]

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oracle Eloqua, Bizo To Fuel Each Other's Marketing Products

Oracle Eloqua is ramping up its paid media offering to marketers through a partnership with data-driven B2B display ad platform Bizo. And Bizo, in turn, has added marketing automation capabilities from Oracle. The Oracle Eloqua AdFocus application integrates display advertising into broader multichannel campaigns. Users can target personalized placements through the Bizo...[read more]

Oracle Partners with Bizo to Add Display, Social Ads to Multi-Channel Campaigns

Oracle continues to integrate the Eloqua technology it bought nearly a year ago. As it does, it's extending some of the existing Eloqua capability by partnering with Bizo to run multi-channel campaigns that include display ads and social media. Multi-channel campaigns help create a seamless customer experience across email, social media and other platforms...[read more]